Goldie Poblador 

Our strong engagement with the environment is often taken for granted as majority of the city’s population goes about the quick-paced nature of their busy lives. With this installation I wanted to address and represent these issues with the hopes of creating an awareness of man's harmful effects on the environment. Some of the fish exhibited were taken after the flash flood Ondoy struck the city where I live and left the roads surrounded by pools of mutant janitor fish and trash. Inside the glass fruits that I sculpted, viewers were meant to smell the sweet "juice" inside, which was actually gasoline.

Exhibited in The National Museum of the Filipino People as part of a group exhibition entitled Sunduan: Ang Daloy ng Dunong, 2009
Installation of glass, wood, UV lights live plants, live animals, found objects and collected liquids

Registered  as Goldieland Studio / New York, NY