Goldie Poblador 

Ce Soir Au Jamais

I created this installation based on the perfumes of Annick Goutal that were about themes such as youth, love, womanhood and the acceptance of death and illness. Initially, I selected them not because of their themes, but because of the fine quality of the perfumes and the effect , emotions and memories that would arise after experiencing each scent.

I spent time with each scent and experimented with immersing my work area for given periods of time. After interviewing some people in her company who were familiar with her work and life, I decided to adapt some themes in the narrative behind each perfume in a figurative and childlike manner.

The resounding perfume I selected for this installation is entitled "Petite Cherie". Created in order to smell like a kiss on a young girl's cheek, I was told that she created it for her young daughter who was leaving her home. At that time, I had also left my home and felt that through this piece I would be telling both the narrative of a memory in the life of the perfumer, and myself, as the artist.

Some of the sculptures were installed on the ground in order for people to have to kneel down to view them and return them to a level of viewing the exhibition that a child would experience.

exhibited in Porte Ouvertes/Open Studio as part of the group exhibtion "Baguette That!" in Citè Internationale des Arts, Paris, France and funded by Alliance Francaise de Manille

Artists in Group:
Lena Von Gödeke (Ger)
Natalie Häusler (Ger)
Tiina Raitanen (Fin)
Joanna Manousis (GB)
Anders Grønlien (N)
Sascha Applehoff (Ger)
Goldie Poblador (Phi)
Romuald Etter (Ch)
Christian Kolverud (N)
Registered  as Goldieland Studio / New York, NY