Goldie Poblador 

Sea Anomaly 
Exhibited at S.E.A. Focus Art Fair and Art Fair Philippines Mono8 gallery in 2024 
Exhibited at Yve Yang Gallery in 2023
Photos courtesy of Corning Museum of Glass Studio

In the face of mankind’s evil, what dark power springs forth from the sea? In Sea Anomaly, Goldie Poblador interprets the vulnerable and essential species of marine invertebrates from the Verde Island Passage in the Philippines. In 2023, two behemoth oil tankers spilled an estimated 870,000 liters of industrial oil into the passage, threatening the survival of its biodiverse marine life.

By reimagining these species in glass, Poblador works toward harnessing the resilience and dark feminine power of the ocean, toeing the line between beauty and terror, arming herself with nature’s divine power. In her contention with neoimperialism and climate crisis, she invokes Magwayen, the Bisayan goddess of death and the ocean, discovering her sprawling anatomical forms, her bioluminescence. What lurks beneath the surface of the ocean man has laid waste to? And whose great and terrifying beauty will we face once the tides turn? - Apa Agbayani

Special thanks to

Joseph Sousa and Apa Agbayani
Joaquin Silvestre of the Biodiversity Management Bureau Coastal and Marine Division in the Philippines
Corning Museum of Glass


“Double Image (Hum)”
Written and performed by Juan Miguel Sobrepeña and Armi Millare
Produced by Erwin Romulo
(2017, Exclusively licensed by Lovol and Stoa Studio)
Description: Electronic composition using field recordings (La Union, Philippines; Siargao, Philippines) and voice
Duration: 3:54 minutes

Registered  as Goldieland Studio / New York, NY