Goldie Poblador 

Nocturnal Anima

Date: 2017

Medium:  Performance, Glass, Scent

Dimensions:  12 feet x 12 feet performance space, 30 minute performance

Nocturnal Anima is a collaborative and immersive performance of scent and sound conceived and created by glass sculptor and performance artist Goldie Poblador. The fictional narrative celebrates the origins of different flowers and animals that bloom and thrive at night.

From night blooming Jasmine in the Pacific, to the silent presence of the Hawaiian White Owl, the performance is a cross sensory interpretation of the narratives behind carefully chosen natural perfumes.

The sound provided by Joseph Sousa and Sean Maze of Karis Owen is a recording of an improvisational performance. Each segment corresponds to individual scents being presented to them through a misting scent device.

The scent is from the natural perfume brand Phoenix Botanicals by Irina Adam, which is inspired by connections with landscapes, plants, and animals. The perfumes are crafted in Brooklyn with eco-conscious botanicals of the highest quality.
Registered  as Goldieland Studio / New York, NY