Goldie Poblador 

Lavender Bomb 

This functional piece is inspired by a particular product from the Gorilla Perfume Line of Lush Cosmetics.

It is a lavender based incense type of scent named "Lavender Hill Mob" that was created to depict how a community in London joined forces to defend their home which was being attacked by a mob that set the village on fire.

The smell is engaged when a piece of charcoal is burned and small pieces of lavender are thrown into the charcoal to be burned as often as the user desires. It was my first time to encounter this particular type of method of Incense Burning. Upon encountering several versions of this perfuming technique from other companies as part of my research on Perfumery, I noticed that most stores that sold this product did not sell any holders or devices to hold the incense and the charcoal. They had just advised me to use a steel device from the kitchen that would not burn.

I was then urged to create a holder based on the design of a bomb. I enjoyed the concept of creating a bomb that disperses something that brings peace instead of destruction.

It is made of hand blown borosilicate glass and only holds a small fraction of the incense as it burns. The lavender only burns for a period of 1-5 minutes, but injects a very powerful scent into the air.
Registered  as Goldieland Studio / New York, NY