Goldie Poblador 

Location: Citè Internationale des Arts, July 2013, Paris, France

Duration: 41:45

Musician: Adam Grauman

Instrument: Contrebasse / Double Bass Guitar

Olfactory Element in Performance Space: 10 sticks of Incense

Location: Tadu Contemporary Art Space, August 2013, Bangkok, Thailand

Duration: 32:29

Musician: Numpark Sribanditmongkol (นำภาค ศรีบัณฑิตมงคล)


1. Saw Duang (ซอด้วง): it is a higher pitch one that he played for "wat po" and "traffic." Reference:

2. Saw U (ซออู้): a lower pitch one for the rest of the pieces

Olfactory Element in Performance Space: Scent from old car parts in the background

This two part performance piece is based on the theories of Free Improvisation in Music where no rules exist. It was orchestrated with the intention of creating shapes and reaching planes of higher thinking during the act of sculpting. It mimics the principles behind this genre of music in order to escape predetermined patterns and rituals in the practice of making objects. The performance highly relies on the movement of the String Musician's hand gestures which I interpret through the technique of Glass Flameworking.

The second part restages this performance in a different context and country, making use of a similar musical instrument but of Thai origin. For this piece, I collected 5 scents in Bangkok then asked the Musician to base different segments of the performance on the memories and emotions that arose while smelling each scent in order to change the mood within the duration of the performance

This body of work is about origin and the diversity of cultures yet seeks to convey an underlying Universal nature of Being despite cultural, geographic and language differences between people.

Registered  as Goldieland Studio / New York, NY