Goldie Poblador 

Feel the Ice Boiling

Date:  April 2017 
Medium: Glass, Scent, Artificial Flowers, Salt, Holographic film
Dimensions:  variable

Mo Kong contemporary artist born in Shanxi, the coal producing capital of China and Christina “Goldie” Poblador, native of a heavily polluted river district in the Philippines collaborate on an installation that addresses the urgency of pollution. Finding common themes within their practice in the realm of addressing the effects of climate change, their collaborative installation “Feel the Ice Boiling” depicts the delicate and unpredictable ecological state of the environment through an installation of glass, holographic film, artificial flowers, salt and photorealistic scent. The flowers are infused with the perfume pleasures created by Alberto Morillas and Annie Buzantian in 1995 and is known as a great olfactory piece of photorealism. The chemical extractions of the natural ingredients in this perfume smell exactly as they are in nature echoing the installation’s origins in the perspective of future archaeology wherein the artificial is used to reproduce and mimic nature itself.

exhibited in the Clio Art Fair 2017
New York
Registered  as Goldieland Studio / New York, NY