Goldie Poblador 

Ambient Scentscapes Composition 3 from Goldie Poblador on Vimeo.

Medium : Performance in Collaboration with Musicians

Dimensions : variable

­­Description: Ambient Scentscapes is an immersive scent and sound installation that creates a translation of music to scent using glass, and essential oils. In this project, one musical composition will be translated into scent “notes” that references the presence of top, middle and base notes which are present in the language of perfumery. Each note in the piece is color-coded and a taxonomy that is inherent to the piece is created that corresponds to the tempo and emotional resonance of the music played. The selection and pairing of sound to a scent and scent to color is based on the phenomenology of Synesthesia that is a chemical condition in the brain that crosses the perception of the senses with each other. Each perfume note is color-coded and dispersed into the air as the music is performed.

Registered  as Goldieland Studio / New York, NY